3 Things A Good Fence Enclosure Will Do For Your Nursing Home Facility

When you think of potential additions to upgrade the nursing home you operate, a fence is probably not one of the most noteworthy things to come to mind. However, installing a fence on a nursing home property just makes good business sense and is well worth the investment. This one investment can change how you handle patient care, and even change how prospective customers view the facility. Check out these three things a good fence enclosure will provide for your nursing home facility:

Allow patients more outdoor time with less of a struggle. 

Patients in a nursing home may be suffering from all kinds of psychological issues that affect their memories, such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Unfortunately, this means that patients tend to wander away because they are confused when they spend time outdoors or are left unsupervised. Because being outdoors can be such a danger because of this, your patients will probably have limited time outside. With a fence in place, it will be easier for your staff to give patients outdoor time without concerns of them wandering away or getting into dangerous predicaments. Because of this, patients will be able to spend more time outdoors, which can be really beneficial to their health. 

Prevent access to the facility at alternative entry points. 

The average nursing home facility has many windows and doors, which is necessary for the safety and well-being of the patients and staff. However, all of these opening points in the building also means that it can be harder to control who gains access to the building and this can definitely be a safety concern. A good perimeter fence acts as a deterrent to keep people up to no good away from the building. Plus, when visitors see a fenced area, they will be more likely to use the front entrance of the building when they stop in for a visit. 

Provide an attractive level of security for prospective patients. 

In many cases, patients include their families when making a decision on a nursing home facility. Extended family members who want nothing more than to know their loved one is cared for and safe will appreciate the fact that the facility has the added level of security that a fence can provide. Therefore, just this one change on the property can actually bring more patients to the facility because those considering your facility will see the fence as an advantage.  

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