A Deer Fence

There are many different type of fences that you can build. Some fences are designed to keep things out, and other fences are to keep things in. One common reason to build a fence is to keep deer from getting onto your property and eating your garden or lawn. It can be a hassle dealing with deer because you do not want to harm them, but you do not want them to destroy your crop of vegetables or to ruin the lawn that you work so hard to keep green. Here are a few different type of fences that you can build that will keep a deer out of your yard.


A fence that is simply tall will not keep a deer out of your lawn or garden. Deer can jump obstacles well over ten feet tall, so unless you want to build a huge fence, you are going to want to stay away from going high. One alternative is to angle your fence. Deer can jump high, but they are not necessarily good at jumping far. If you build a fence that is angled, the deer is going to be much less likely to try to take that leap.

Double Fence

One fence is no problem for a deer, but if you build two fences a few feet apart from one another, a deer is not going to want to take that leap. Deer are extremely cautious, and they do not have very good depth perception. It is hard for them to gauge exactly where the other fence is spatially. So even though the deer may truly be able to jump both fences, the deer will not attempt the jump because they feel they may get caught between the two fences or even land on the other fence.

Security Fence

Deer have incredibly good sense of smell, so building a security fence is not going to fool the deer. Yes, the deer will know that you have vegetables or grass behind the fence, but they will not try to get in your fenced in yard. Once again, deer are very cautious and do not want to risk getting harmed. If they are not able to see that there is not a threat behind the fence, then they will not jump.

All three of these fences can be made to look incredibly nice and also serve the purpose of keeping deer off of your property. Contact a company like Absolute Fencing LLC for additional advice.

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