Installing A Gate On The Side Of Your House? Get The Right Qualities

Living in a simple house allows you to be a homeowner without worrying about much maintenance. But, you may eventually want to make additions or improve the property to better fit your wants and needs. If you have recently added a fence to most or all the property and are looking for something to add, you should install a gate on the side of the house. While you can simplify this project and get a basic gate, you will benefit most from taking time to learn about the most impactful features for this kind of addition.


An important feature to have for any gate is a locking mechanism. It is possible to choose one with a latch that you pull up and then push or pull on the gate to have it open. This is an easy feature to add, but it does not provide you with much extra security since it is rather simple to open and get inside. An alternative is to get a standard lock with your gate that you can use whenever you want security. For instance, you may be fine leaving it unlocked on a weekend, but it is something that you can keep locked during the weekdays and whenever you go on any trips and know the backyard will not be used.


When you are adding a gate, you do not want to be inconvenienced by the addition. So, you should make sure to build a wide enough gate that you can deliver items to and from the backyard without an issue. A great rule of thumb to go by is making sure the gate is wide enough to fit a large trash can through easily. This will make it easy to conceal your trash cans during the week and bring them out on pickup day.


Gates can serve many purposes, such as providing extra privacy. If you added a fence so that you could get more privacy in your backyard, you will benefit even more by adding a tall gate. Putting in a tall gate is excellent for making it a focal point of the area, especially if it looks unique compared to the fence. Do not hesitate to plan the design with professionals so that the top portion is highly decorative.

Focusing on these qualities when you intend on adding a gate to the side of your house will make sure you are satisfied with the results. For more information, contact a service like City Wide Fence Co.

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