Unfinished Wood Fences: Backyard Inspirations For The Whole Family

When choosing fence designs for your backyard, wood is a great option. It offers a classic look, can provide your home with some style, and there are numerous finishes to chose from. Before you start looking at stains or paint colors, you may want to the consider the installation of a natural and unfinished wood fence. These fences can still be installed with a clear coat protection, but keeping them completely clear can provide you with a giant canvas for your backyard. As your family grows, you can turn the backyard fence into a true work of art. Starting with unfinished wood will provide you with the best options for your home and lifestyle. Check out these ideas to see how you can make these designs come to life.

Mural Paintings

A large wooden fence would provide a great place for families to paint a mural on. It can become the focal point in your backyard and a huge project that you plan out for a long time. To start the mural, you can get the fence measurements and then plan out a full sketch. With that sketch, you will have the ability to plan out the full design on the fence, draw it out, and then paint over it.

These murals can be designed with a number of different themes including nature, family, or some of your favorite things in pop culture. Once the mural is fully designed, you can paint it across the whole fence. It will be great for looking at every day, taking pictures in front of, and showing family and friends.

The textures of wood makes it easier to paint on then other fence materials like metal or vinyl. The plain base of unfinished wood also makes it easier to paint with colors and ensure that they appear correctly.

Chalk Designs

If you have children in the home, then you can keep them busy by sending them out to play near a large wooden fence. An unfinished wooden fence is a great place to play with sidewalk chalk. Chalk can be used to create temporary drawings, designs, and all kinds of creative art. Children can also use the fence and chalk to play a number of different games. This includes large versions of hangman or tic-tac-toe. Special chalk like glow in the dark chalk can also be used to draw and have fun during darker hours.

When playing outdoors, the child has the ability to get some fresh air and let their creative mind really expand. 

Upcycle Projects

When using the fence for various art designs, you can teach children the importance of upcycling. Upcycling is turning old objects into something new and fresh again instead of just throwing them away. By gathering old bikes or junk in the house, children can make all types of decorations and hanging designs for the fence. For example, children can use wheels, tires, and other metal objects to create wind art that can be hung on the fence. Old house paints can be used to create fun designs so that the paint doesn't have to go to waste. Once the fence is installed, you and your family can explore the home for different projects that can be created.

Travel Souvenirs

While traveling on the road, families are constantly looking for new souvenir products to purchase. When you have an unfinished fence in your backyard, it makes the options a lot easier. You can use the fence to hang banners, flags, plaques, or other designs that represent the places you have visited. You can also collect and decorate the fence with bumper stickers that represent all your different travels. After a few years, the whole fence could feature dozens of sticker designs.

Contact a fence contractor like F & W Fence Company, Inc. to find out about different options for wood fences. They can provide you with estimates and details on installations.

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