Want To Add A Fence Trellis? 5 Styles To Pick From

A trellis is a creative way to add beauty to a fence that surrounds your yard, and it can be added to almost any type of fence if it gets exposed to the sun. Conder using one of these 5 styles for your home.

The Hinged Trellis

You can actually use a trellis to replace the gate going into your yard, making this kind of trellis a great option for someone that has a chain link fence. Just be sure that the trellis has southern exposure when the gate is closed, giving it the most sunlight possible throughout the day.

The Fan Trellis

Rather than being a component of the fence, the fan trellis will be an accent that provides beauty rather than act as a physical feature of the fence. This kind of trellis is secured to your fence with the plants trimmed to match the trellises shape. This is not difficult to do since plants naturally grow in the shape of a fan, with the plant being thin along the low point and expanding outward as it grows.

The Grid Trellis

Many homeowners love the grid style because it replaces a panel of fencing material, which helps them incorporate the trellis at the time of the fence installation. It gives the trellis stability to handle the weight of the plants, and once the plants grow in it will also provide you with privacy. The grid is great for homeowners that don't have pets, and acts as an accent that breaks up the plain look of a fence.

The Simple Trellis

The good thing about the simple trellis is that you don't have to incorporate it into the fence's construction, it can be added later at any time. This simple variation of the trellis can be any size you desire in terms of width, but typically matches the existing height of your fence. The trellis is then secured directly to your fence, covering up whatever fencing material is behind it.

The Vegetable Trellis

If you lack the needed space to grow your garden, know that you can also use a trellises to grow upward. Trellises can be a great way to grow certain vegetables. Such as berries or cucumbers. It takes some work training the plants to climb up the trellis, since you need to weave the plants around the material as they grow.

Your fencing contractor can provide you with more ideas about how to use a trellis in the design.

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