Cedar Fences: A Better Choice Than They May Seem

In general, hardwoods are more durable than softwood, and so they tend to last longer when used to make fences, decks, and other outdoor items. For this reason, some homeowners assume that cedar fencing akin to pine fencing: a soft, inexpensive choice that will only remain intact for a few years. But this is really not the case. Cedar, though it is a soft wood, is actually a really great choice for long-lived, durable fencing. Here's why:

Cedar is resistant to rot.

Many softwoods, like pine, rot quickly because water is easily absorbed into their structure. But cedar is different. Though it does absorb a little water from time to time, the natural oils in cedar keep it from rotting, which extends its lifespan substantially. A good cedar fence can last for 15 years or more, and in a dry environment, you may even get 25 years out of your cedar fence.

Cedar is unappealing to bugs. 

This is an advantage that cedar has even over most hardwoods. It's not appealing to termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-loving pests. You may remember your grandma keeping clothing or linens in a cedar chest. Cedar was used to make these chests because it repelled moths, which tend to feed on such clothing. Cedar fencing has the same natural repelling properties, so you never have to worry about spraying the fence with insecticides or setting out ant traps in your backyard.

Cedar does not need to be stained.

You can certainly stain or paint your wooden fence is that's the look you desire, but it's just not necessary with cedar. The wood weathers very well when left natural, enabling you to create rustic, split-rail designs or more carefully planned fencing, based on your preferences. The wood starts off a rich, reddish-brown color and slowly weathers to a grayish, beachy tone that looks lovely on country homes.

Cedar is easy to work with.

Some woods are harder for fence makers to shape and nail than others. Cedar, thanks to its relatively soft texture and straight grain, is rather easy for fence makers to work with. As a result, your fence can be built faster, and your installation bills are likely to be lower than for a similar fence made with a different wood.

To learn more about the benefits of cedar fencing, reach out to a fence contractor in your area, like Holman Fence LLC.  

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