Temporary Fencing And Security Options To Pick From

Are you in a situation where you need a temporary fence to secure an area?  This may be due to ongoing construction where you want to keep trespassers out, or simply want to secure equipment when it is not in use.  Here are some temporary fencing and security options you can use:

Fencing Options

Here are three fencing options which are easy to set up in a temporary setting.

Chain Link

The great thing about chain link fencing is that it is easy to install.  The material arrives in a large roll with posts that are pounded into the soil.  The material is rolled out and secured to the post to create a basic perimeter

Fence Panels

A fence panel is typically made of a solid material, such as wood or vinyl so that others cannot see into the area that you are fencing off.  This makes it great when you do not want people snooping in on what is going on.  The material comes in panels that need to be assembled, but provide a secure material that does exactly what is intended.  

Mesh Wire

A budget option is to use a mesh wire fence. The lightweight material is installed like chain link fencing, but won't be as secure.  Use this fence to act more as a physical deterrent rather than add security, or when you are on a budget.

Security Options

You can take an existing temporary fencing option and make it more secure.

Barbed Wire

Stringing barbed wire along the top of a fence makes it difficult for anybody to scale the fence.  Also, barbed wire acts as a visual deterrent, since it discourages people from climbing over it.

Top Rail

Chain link fencing can also benefit from having a top rail installed.  It causes the fence to look as if it is permanent, and people won't be able to pull the fence back to scale it.  

Tension Wire

Having tension wire along the bottom edge of a fence will also prevent the material from being pulled back along the ground. This prevents people from trying to crawl under it with relative ease, which would happen if the wire was not there.

Not sure about which temporary fencing or security option will work best for you? Contact a local fence rental company like Security Rent A Fence to help explore the options that will be available to you. They can help find the right solution for your needs.

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